A Life worth living

4 min readJan 15, 2021

He had to take a taxi back to the house because he wasn’t in his right mind to drive back home himself. As he ordered for the ride, he was lost in thought. He thought about everything right to the present moment. His ride arrived and he continued in his thoughts.

The past few months had not been what he expected them to be- they were not like the months that followed after his big break in the telecommunication industry two years ago. He came up with an idea one day, worked on it, and sent application letters to several telecommunication companies to pitch his innovation; it was accepted by a leading telecom company in the country and that was how he got the big break.

Bem wasn’t a religious person even before he became successful. Though born in a Christian home, he wasn’t attached to his parents’ religion; he lived life as life presented itself. He believed so much in luck and so he did everything in his might to study well and work hard. He was always topping the class and there was nothing that seemed like it could stop him. He finished the compulsory one-year national service and started on the journey of job hunting. He was so much of a realist and made sure that he wasn’t swayed by any unrealistic opinions; he felt he understood how life was and worked and he decided to play the games; he will give what life demands and in turn, get what he deserved.

He got the job three years after his service year and he felt proud of himself; yes, he played the game. But these months have been mentally tedious for him; he felt empty. He has always felt lucky since he had this breakthrough but now, he feels tired and empty. Was this all life was about? Study, work, make money, set goals, and achieve them and then the cycle continues. He felt lost and empty, yes, empty! It looked like there was nothing else to look forward to anymore; life was boring.

Bem went out of his office to get some air when he saw his colleague at the other side of the road talking to someone outside the restaurant; he looked enthusiastic as he talked. He knew what he was saying, he was preaching to that person. Will this guy ever rest from these emotional and unrealistic talks? Bem thought. He had once shunned him after this guy’s several attempts to preach to him. ‘Stupid pep talk’, he said to himself.

This empty feeling went on for several months and he contemplated suicide once. There was this huge vacuum that he had and it needed to be filled. He needs to fix it. Maybe because he was not in a relationship, perhaps he needed a woman in his life. Bem is successful, he wouldn’t struggle to find a lady. He met someone and after a few weeks, they started dating. He was feeling like the hole was gradually covering up and life seemed different again.

A year into the relationship with this lady, the hole became wider that it was possible

that both he and the lady get swallowed by it. They broke up and he became miserable. Charles, his Christian colleague came to his office one day and saw Bem looking downcast. He offered Bem lunch at the eatery which he consented to. They talked and he was able to make Bem cheerful. They became close in the office and extended the friendship outside of the office.

One day, Charles asked if he could talk to Bem about Jesus. At first, Bem wanted to decline but Charles’s demeanor stopped him and he listened. Charles told this story about the man that was conceived by a Spirit, he knows the story but this particular day, he paid close attention. Charles exposed to him a lot of truth about this man and for the first time, Bem was drawn to this man. That night after the conversation, he thought if that was what his heart longed for. Maybe that was what could fill the wide vacuum in him. He invited Charles another time to his house and this time they had a Bible study. Bem’s eyes were opened to this good news, he realized he was someone’s love- someone’s center of affection. This was overwhelming and he hungered for more. Charles became frequent in his house for the Bible expository and one day he accepted Christ.

The joy that filled him that day was immeasurable, he felt that sense of dignity. Someone has called him and he will never be dejected again. He is forgiven, redeemed, justified, loved, made right in God’s sight and the most wonderful thing, he will reign with Christ forever- eternal life. This was the most beautiful thing he had ever experienced. If life seemed empty or boring again, he had something to hope for-a hope that doesn’t disappoint. Peace washed over him. A life in Christ is worth living.

And even on days when he feels downhearted, he remembers his reality, and his face lights with a smile.