Hello, Fear. 2

2 min readJan 18, 2021


I woke up this morning to retweets and replies to my last tweet about needing a job. About four other people corrected me on the ‘sincerity about my inadequacies.’ This is the first tweet that got that much engagement. I had over a hundred retweets and likes. Are you surprised I used ‘had’? Don’t be. I will let you know why.

My friend was one of the people who corrected me. She said ‘Babe, we don’t need that last paragraph.’ If you read the first part of this article, you will know it. I went to her DMs to ask her if I should reframe it, she concurred. She reiterated that no one (prospective employers and clients) needs to know what I can’t do or what I am working on. She offered to reach out to a mutual who can help me reframe that tweet.

I am really glad I tweeted that. I have a faced one fear and working on dealing with others. One more thing, it has fueled my desire to intentional about whatever concerns my personal development. I am writing this now, editing and publishing it on Medium.

I reached out to the mutual who suggested I take down the tweet in the meantime, reframe my thoughts and tweet something different; something that will interest the public, prospective employers, and clients. So, I took it down. With his help, I am going to come out confident while working on myself underneath. I have learned a great deal under 24 hours and my heart is genuinely full.

I will write part three of this article later and show you how I did it better.

I hope you have gotten some salient points from my story; kindly join the ride with me.