Hello, Fear 3.

1 min readFeb 19, 2021

This is part 3 of my Hello Fear series about how I conquered the fear of putting my craft out on social media. I had started writing this when my laptop had some issues but it’s here.

The mutual (Thank you, Samuel) assisted me to draft a better post and it highlighted my strengths. But it didn’t get much engagement like the one I poorly write *sniffs*. Anyways, I learned; I faced my fear and I am doing better.

This was how I wrote it better:

Hi, guys. Kindly refer writing gigs to me.
I am an amazing writer. I can write both fiction and nonfiction.
I’ll be glad to offer my writing services to you.
Asides from that, I am also skilled at Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

I am also plugging this here. I need a job that centers around my career line-Writing. I promise to carry out your jobs efficiently.