Hello, Fear.

2 min readJan 18, 2021

I tried to put myself out today on my Twitter account. I wrote, “I need a job, guys. I can write. I am good with Word and PowerPoint. I am currently on Excel and Photoshop. I am an average learner. I possess good work ethic. I am observant. This is might not be enough for an employer to consider me but I am working on myself.” I got feedbacks few minutes later. Two guys replied and advised that although I am sincere and honest, there is every possibility I don’t get employed. The first guy said no one would want to employ anyone who ‘brags about their inadequacies’, he advised that I put my work out. The other guy said I should sell myself more. He said this is his first time seeing someone who says she is an average learner.

Funny enough, I expected this and that is why I never put up something like that on my Twitter. I shied away from it because I was scared people would see my inadequacies; they wouldn’t see me as someone who can do anything. I am glad I finally did; I am also happy for the advice the guys dropped.

I think you should ask me why I did. Where did I get the boldness? Thinking about it, the event that led to me putting up that tweet baffles me now. They couldn’t be a coincidence, or are they?

First, a friend on Twitter asked if he could talk about something in my DMs, I agreed. He asked if I could write movie scripts or if I write at all. I told him I have never written and that I am just a budding writer. His reply was, ‘You aren’t a budding writer. You are a very good writer!!!’ The exclamation marks took me aback. Why? Why did he sound so sure? Does he believe in me? I was happy and motivated at that instant. He later went on to affirm me and asked me to do the same. He lit a spark of hope in me; I was glad. Later in the evening, my parents called; they were so worried about my unemployed state. They asked a few questions, encouraged me, and prayed for me.

These events were the ones that encouraged me to put up the tweet and also made me write this. Yes, I am writing this, editing it, and publishing it immediately on my Medium page. I am motivated to do so tonight, and I won’t waste this moment.