Without a second…

2 min readFeb 19, 2021

Without a second she reached for the knife in the small of her back, stabbing Miss Lucy on her left thigh.

No one would have suspected her when she entered this beautiful compound, Belle was all smiles and courteous when she was allowed in to deliver Miss Lucy’s package. Belle was dressed so simple and judging by her appearance, no one would suspect anything. She was directed to Miss Lucy’s apartment just on the far right of the compound and after a deep breath, she pressed the doorbell. Miss Lucy opened up after the second ring and with all smiles, Belle greeted her. Miss Lucy answered with half a smile which showed that she was just getting up from sleep. She allowed Belle inside to drop the package which she placed on a table in the living room. Lucy offered to get a glass of water for her from the kitchen and by the time she came to the living room, she didn’t find her. Belle was now behind Lucy and had her arm around Lucy’s neck, strangling her. On impulse, Miss Lucy lifted her elbow and hit Belle in her stomach. This bought her some time as Belle held on to her tummy. Unluckily for Lucy before she could get to the door, Belle grabbed her again; this time pulled out a knife from her back and stabbed Lucy on her left thigh. She let out a loud scream but before Belle could cover her mouth, her scream had escaped.

A neighbor who happened to be walking past Miss Lucy’s apartment to get his clothes from the line heard the scream. He was startled and instinctively ran towards her window, he saw the scene and recognized the attacker as he had seen her walk into the compound and straight to Lucy’s from the balcony of his apartment. He ran to the front door, pushed it open forcefully and it did with a loud bang.

The loud bang alerted the other neighbors and they also came to the scene. One neighbor was asked to call the police. Belle was about to stab Lucy again when she saw the neighbors, but she was hit on the head by another neighbor who came through the back door. Miss Lucy was rescued just in time and an ambulance was called. The police came and whisked Belle.

Belle happened to be one of the participants of Miss Lucy’s tech show. She didn’t win because she was falsely accused of cheating when she got to the semi-final and right there, Miss Lucy disqualified her. She needed to win the show so she could settle her family’s debt but she couldn’t and the creditors asked her family to evacuate their 3-bedroom bungalow. The house was all they had to their name and they lost it; she lost it. Revenge seemed like consolation and after 6 months of planning, failure hit her twice as hard.